Over the last few months, Regina, Saskatchewan, has witnessed an increase in immigrant families from various parts of the world. The Hill Avenue SDA Church provides a safe haven for these families to find support, build relationships, and receive spiritual guidance.

Donatien and several families from Burundi face a significant challenge when reaching a safe haven. They struggle with language barriers and unreliable transportation, which puts them at risk of becoming isolated.

Getting to the Sabbath service can be a significant obstacle for families with young children, especially if they are unfamiliar with the local bus system. Despite their desire to be part of the church community, these families are at a distance due to their circumstances.

Recognizing this pressing need, the Hill Avenue SDA Church takes a unique initiative. They established a dedicated ministry to bridge the gap between these families and the church. This bold step marks the beginning of a journey filled with challenges, victories, and extraordinary moments.

As time passes, more and more immigrant families are joining the church. The ministry plays a vital role in assisting these newcomers. Volunteer drivers like Charlotte Kessler pick up new immigrant families, and other church members offer translation services to non-English speakers.

But the journey is not without its obstacles. The issue of child safety seats arises, posing a new challenge. However, the church, true to its commitment, steps up once again. They purchased enough car seats for the children being transported each week, ensuring the safety and comfort of their youngest members.

By establishing the ministry and resolving the car seat issue, the church successfully overcomes the barriers that once stood in the way of these families. Donatien and others like him can now fully participate in the church community. The church is no longer just a place of worship for them; it has become a home.

Reflecting on the journey, Pastor James Kwon emphasizes the importance of serving the community and creating an inclusive environment within the church. He believes that when members are empowered to help others, they become the hands and feet of those in need.

The ministry, he says, is a testament to this belief.

It’s not just about providing rides; it’s about pursuing hospitality, showing love in action, and ensuring every member feels valued and cared for. This powerful message inspires others to live out their faith in tangible ways.