As we strive to advance the mission of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Nunavut, it is paramount that we embrace the importance and benefits of maintaining a comprehensive church profile for every congregation within our conference.

The church profiles serve as a foundational and baseline tool to guide our churches’ decision-making processes, strategic mission direction, and pastoral guidance.

A comprehensive church profile includes several key categories:

Community Setting: Understanding the social, cultural, and economic context in which our church operates allows us to tailor our efforts better to meet the specific needs of our community.

Church History: Our past shapes our present and future. A detailed history provides valuable insights into our journey, highlighting the lessons learned and successes achieved.

Discipleship Process: This outlines our approach to nurturing spiritual growth among members, providing a clear path for individuals to develop their faith and contribute to our community.

Mission and Outreach: Detailed information about our outreach programs and mission initiatives helps us measure our impact and identify areas for expansion or improvement.

Main Challenges: By openly addressing our church’s current challenges, we can find practical solutions and overcome obstacles.

A complete and detailed church profile allows us to make informed, strategic decisions that foster growth and prosperity within our church community. It is an invaluable resource that facilitates efficient planning, encourages accountability, and promotes transparency.

Download the church profile template here.