Our mission as Seventh-day Adventists is to spread the message of hope and wholeness across North America and the world. Stewardship Ministries is committed to helping members embrace this mission. One aspect of being a faithful steward is giving regularly and systematically. By returning tithe, we acknowledge that everything belongs to God. We also express our gratitude by giving offerings. God loves when we give cheerfully; this is how He has chosen to support those who preach the gospel and share His message with the world.

Faithful stewardship is a matter of the heart. We aren’t giving offerings to receive love and blessings from God. Instead, we give because we have already received so much love and blessings from Him. Giving is a natural response for those who have experienced God’s goodness. We give because we want to live out God’s character of abundant generosity, which is exemplified by the ultimate gift of His Son’s life. Ultimately, we give because our hearts and lives are filled with the joy of the Lord.

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